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Welcome J. Ellis Realty
Exclusive Solutions for JER Agents
We have created a team of licensed professionals, J. Ellis Apartment Locators, specialized in providing comprehensive state-of-the-art rental services locally within J. Ellis Realty. This site will provide you with multiple resources that will help your business thrive even during challenging market conditions. You will also find time-tested strategies that when applied properly will get you ahead of the competition.
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We provide our experience, best practices and strategies to help you increase your success.
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  Take a look at solutions we've developed and tailored specifically for JER.
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Send, track and manage referrals and leads.
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The Support Team
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The ability to deliver consistent, quality customer service is critical. We use our Support Team to help accomplish this. Their focus is on supporting the software and systems to provide services to Realtors, Renters, Property Owners and Major Employers.
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  Realtor Communication
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We offer 18 proven strategies which benefit you to dramatically
increase several key areas of your business including:
Lead Generation • Closed Sales • Recruiting & Retention
Passive Income • Market Share
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